Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow that was a weird blog.

    Have you ever noticed that the society that America considers "criminals" for the doing this me they consider illegal, but we really enjoy. What if we only enjoy these things because they consider them illegal. I mean hasn't there been any times for the non-edge people to ingest more herb and reach a sensation where it just becomes uncomfortable? When we strive to ingest a good ounce of herb on a single day just because it's hard to get and we reach a sensation that were all just too fucked up puking and falling asleep on a couch. I personally enjoy period's were you listen to Justin Bieber's shit backwards and here him saying"I Am A Woman!" several times, but I don't enjoy the times that I...fuck. I don't think I can ever remember ever not enjoying be lit, but I'm sure it's happened a few times. Yeah it definitely has. But like there's other shit. Like if being allowed to decorate the street with spray paint was legal, it would look a lot better then fucking graffiti.

    Ever see one of those commercials on fox where they advertise there news team like a fucking superhero duo? What the fuck. This is why the seventies were so fucking awesome. They didn't waste money that could be spent on like, starving children, on making there newscasters look like Batman and Fucking Robin.

    Also why do we obsess over like Celebrity's lives? Like we obsess with them from childhood. And people wonder why there so fucked up, imagine growing up knowing any fuck up you made would be nationalized. And you just try to be perfect until your like 18 or so, and you just explode. It's so fucked up. Like what the fuck America. Were pretty much killing people. It's like were sacrificing. Holy shit South Park was right. 

    It'd be really scary to someday get a stalker from my blog. But I write like I'm retarded, so someone who would try to stalk me would probably be really retarded. So it wouldn't be hard to take that fucked down. It really wouldn't be hard at all. Me and my friend wouldn't hesitate to do a steak out on that mother fucker and shoot him in the ankle. I would fucking destroy him honestly. Like that's exactly what would happen if I really did get a stalker, not even internet bullshitting. Actually I really wanna do that so somebody please stalk me. We'd probably just either snipe him or hunt him like Coronel Fudd and that fucking rabbit. Or we'd snipe him. Simple as that. We'd use rubber bullets of course, just enough to incapacitate him quick enough for someone to wrap him up like a fucking deer. Honestly. Bring it.

    Alright after those mind boggling observations and invitations I'm gonna go take out the trash. Btw my foot is fine just sprained and I had a few bruises and cuts. Nothing serious lol. Any pce bloggers.

    Quote of the Day - "I got hit by a car."

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