Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Furby's, Gameboy's and HERB

    There's so many rules out there about what ages you can and can't buy things. Before 18 you can buy magnifying glasses, but not lighters. At 18 you can die for your country but you can't buy alcohol. It's just a long line of double standards in our legal system.  It's pretty ridiculous. I don't think the government should have any control over substances or plants. Like, for instance, Marijuana. It. Is. A. Plant. There shouldn't be any laws about it. Because it's a plant. I don't know why people look at a plant and frown upon it just because it induces relaxation. I guarantee you if Marijuana wasn't illegal, not as many people would do it.

    Remember Gameboy? That was the greatest shit ever. It was just so cool how you had to catch Pokemon and there were hidden Pokemon and hard to catch and mythical, so it was pretty much impossible to defeat. I bet an ad is gonna pop up on the side of the game for Gameboy's or Pokemon games. Ever notice if you go onto this blog to like, speak your mind of the shitty-ness of a product or like anything that you just don't like, and a fucking ad for it pops up. Like my friend made a blog about how shitty microwaves are, and now his page is filled with microwave ads. So really were not doing much against the product. were kind of...helping it. It's just so messed up. It'd be awesome if you could choose what ads pop up on your page. I'd put up old school Furby ads. Oh fuck, Furbys.

    Fucking Furbys. They scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, and they scare the shit out of me now. It was fucking creepy when your trying to sleep and that mother fucker popped his eyes open like a tase victim and shout "me hungry" or something. Scariest shit ever. But one time I was fucking sick of the thing so I took the battery's out, and threw it behind the couch or something. Then like later that after noon I felt bad, because this was still the age that I thought toys had like, souls, and talked when I wasn't around, and walked around and shit. So I put the battery's and started messing around with it and trying to teach it swears, when all of the sudden it starts shaking like a fucking epileptic and starts saying unknown words in a deep and scary hell-like voice. So needless to say I threw that fucker at a wall as hard as I could. I ran out of the room but heard the thing talking. So I decided to take that battery's out and send that thing back to Furby hell. I picked it up, and realized the battery tray was open and that battery's had fallen out. It talked for another 3 seconds and died. Every word of that shit is true. I fucking HATE Furbys.
    Okay, well I'm glad I got that off my chest.

    Well I'm gonna go make some mini pancakes.  Keep blogging my friends!


  1. I`m not from the US and I can say I don`t understand the whole "no alcohol until you turn 21" thing.

    It`s true,booze can be a bitch if you let it control you.But the only way to consume alcohol responsibly is to realize that it`s no big deal and drinking doesn`t change you.

    If you let people drink so ridiculously late(21),they`re just going to create this mentality where booze is something mature,manly and important.

    It isn`t.Your choices determine your maturity or manliness,not the fact that you can chug 6 beers.

  2. Furbys creeped the hell outta me. I think we ended up putting ours out in the shed until it finally died. But I had pokemon, so who cared.

  3. I find the 2:00 law in so many states annoying, too. I think it pushes a lot of people to drink more faster...
    I can sort of understand if it's to keep noise down after 2, though. But with after parties it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference.

  4. never had a furby before. post pictures of pancakes please,

  5. here in switzerland beer is legal with 16, the rest with 18. you guys can get your driver lisence alot earlier tho.

    and yeah fuck furbys, they always creeped the shit out of me too.

  6. haha i remember having one but I would put a some duck tape on the sensor to make it should up though.