Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts, Paul McCartney Dead

      I've been feeling empty for about nine months. Nine long months of just nothing. Since June, I have been feeling like something isn't right, and something was just lagging in the back of my mind. It was bothering me for the longest time and I just felt like it was slowing me down, and more then anything, not letting me be who I am. June was really the turning point in my life where I went down a road that I was totally unsure of, in dropping out of high-school. I was ashamed, because at the time I felt like it was something you should be ashamed of. Looking back now I wasn't ashamed of being a drop out I was ashamed because I was literally doing nothing so I pretty much looked at myself as everything that I was told was bad back in middle school. It's been a long nine months but I truly felt evolved. I'm the closest to being happy then I ever have been, so that's all good and peachy.

    I was reading back about how everyone thought that Paul McCartney had gotten like, decapitated in a car accident but then the government convinced them to put a stand in for him to prevent mass suicide. This was back in 66'. I was reading about the supposed subliminal messaging that The Beatles put out in the songs and album art that was trying to clue the fans into him being dead. It's not the first rumor of a rock star's death being questioned. A lot of people think Jim Morrison faked his death and moved to a private island. But there were a lot of weird things that were said to be clues. Just thinks that had consistency of some of the supposed clues. All of the "clues" were after Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club album and they seemed to span through all there later albums. Like one thing I actually found interesting is that after the supposed death date for Paul, The Beatles never referred to themselves at "The Beatles", they were just called "Beatles". Also things like Paul being the one wearing funeral attire on the Abbey Road cover, and they were all dressed for the funeral (John in white clothing, etc). I don't really have all the "clues" scripted to memory but I'll put a link for anyone trying to kill some time.

   I'm gonna sleep then wake up for what will hopefully be the perfect day with perfect weather. It's kind of easy to forget that I'm doing this entire blog thing for money, but, I'm doing this entire blog thing for money. But whatever I guess if this succeeds, sweet I get 50 cents. If not then whatever. I hope all of you in the interworld are living life to the fullest. Happiness through angers, sunlight through clouds.   <---Death Clues of Paul McCartney.

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