Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well that was a bitch.

       I made a blog. I haven't had a blog since I was a shiny white smile faced little myspacer obsessed with comments messaging and yugioh. But now I've found my way, and am obsessed with music, longboarding and yugioh. I've actually been watching a lot of things on my computer. The TV that is provided to us by Verizon, Comcast, etc is pretty much the water downed version of the real turning points in society. Remember when they actually showed good shit on Nick? Not fairy's granting wishes or a fucking sponge, but like actual good shit. Are You Afraid of the Dark was fucking amazing. But Nick decided that the kids of this generation were too big of pussys to not get scared of a show on Nickelodeon. Also remember when it was Sci-f? Not SyFy or whatever the hell it did to erase it's roots from what it once was. I've been watching so much older stuff on my laptop and barely ever watching normal tv, just simply because if anyone want's to see a scary movie, the last place they should go is the movie theater. If there is a movie with raving reviews of how it scared them into checking into a motel and crying like a babbling brook, then you go and check out the movie because what the fuck else is there too do (side note: never pay for movies. google that shit). The movies of today are just shock value. Any director, producer or writer that took a three hour class in basic story function can make a goblin's asshole pop out of a rusty pipe and scare you shitless, but it takes an artist to build fear. Hitchcock was the master of fear. He was an artist. Wes Craven, he's a good director but a shitty horror director. Nightmare on Elm Street? Not at all scary. Fuck I wish I was younger when I used to get scared shitless over a 15 year old kid in a cheesy mask from cvs.
     Moving on, I really don't wanna keep bitching about movies. What should I rage about? Government? Music? Teenage girls. Fuck them. Have you ever noticed how, ironically mostly teenage girls, they always wear like Hollister, Abercrombie bullshit right? I've pretty much refused to wear anything with a brand name on the front of the shirt. I'll wear like a Marley shirt or something because Bob Marley is not a corporation (at least he wasn't but I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to turn peace into profit after he passed). Why would you EVER pay like 30 dollars for a shirt, to advertise FOR a company. It's just something about teenage mental monopoly that I really don't support, but that's just me.
     I've been typing for a while, so I'll just leave you with one last thought before I quite possibly go for a nice midnight longboard right. But I don't know what that thought is so give me a second. I really have no idea what to say. Okay got something. Julian Assange, you might have heard of him, and if you didn't you clearly need to pay more attention to worldly events, or just stop PWNING NOOBZ AT COD! Yeah he made a website called wikileaks pretty much exposing a lot of the bullshit the government didn't feel like telling the truth about, so he was in Switzerland and the good ol' US of A was particularly pissed over a particular shitstorm over something as under the table as our army killing civilians, but don't hold me to that, I'm really not that smart. So, yeah. USA pissed at Assange. Assange get's accused of raping some girl. Wait. What the fuck? Our government gets pissed. It's pissed at Assange. Assange get's accused of rape. He was cleared two hours later after faulty evidence but I'm guessing the point was never to actually get him in jail, but to ruin his credibility. I'll talk more about this next blog but this is getting tiring and I think I stopped making sense a while ago. Pce bloggers <3

Quote of the Day - "Control yourself, take only what you need from it, a family of tree's wantin' to be haunted." -Kids - MGMT (Great Song!!!!!!)

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