Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movies will FUCK you up.

    Blame is only ever necessary when anger is present. Your not gonna care about who did something you don't like if your not pissed. People should get over themselves with all this anger bullshit. It's so over rated. I mean it takes a coward to hold a grudge for months and years, but it takes a stronger person to work through something. Anger really is a shield for cowards isn't it. I try not to get angry, but it's not a bad thing if I do. If someone constantly fucks with you it's okay to confront them out of anger, but it's not okay to get your cousin to stab them when there out walking there dog. I mean what the fuck people. Also when someone says "lets fight". What the fuck is wrong with them. Are we not evolved enough where we don't have to resort to the tactics of fucking barbarians to settle a dispute? Also this whole ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend anger is bullshit too. I mean if you were ever in a relationship you obviously don't want them to wind up dead on the street. It's just not a nice thing honestly. Relationships are really a magnifying glass for imperfections. And that's when they end. Since our childhood we expect things to be perfect in a relationship because that's how it's like in the movies. It's just pretty much the acceptance of another persons imperfections that result in a "successful relationship. It's just so fucked up that a lot of this kind of shit can be proven to stem back to TV and movies. It's crazy how much damage this stuff does, and yet we still allow it to happen. Don't get me wrong I love movies. I'm watching one now (Braveheart).

    When I was like 7 or something I walked in on my mom watch IT. For those of you who don't know about that movie it's about a creature that decides to shape shift into a clown and murder and kidnap little kids. That's such a fucked up thing to walk into when you were my age. So needless to say I watched the entire movie the next day. Yeah that really fucked me up. I've literally been terrified by clown's my entire life since seeing that. But then again your supposed to be at least 17 to watch it for a reason. So then a couple years ago I decided to watch it again just to see how scary it really was. I laughed at it that time because it was just so fucked up. Who thinks of shit like that honestly. But what I'm getting at is that the things you see or experience when your really young fucks you up for life. So don't go showing your kids any snuff films.

    Also why is every movie made for kids and teenagers has the plot of either a "unattractive" girl played by an extremely attractive actress chasing the popular jock. Or it's the exact opposite. People are so uncreative. They need a Disney movie where every character has like zero morale and are like suicidal and a serial killer starts to kill everyone they care about. That, I would go fucking see.

    That is all.
    Quote of the Day - "When the time is yours, the futures waiting. The person you've become, the people your creating."


  1. Most movies made today are shit. Fact.

  2. First 2-3 sentences are golden. Whole blog is great, but your intro really stands out.