Friday, February 25, 2011

Slipknot Subliminal Message

    Alright so I want you to step outside of your way of thinking for this blog. Just let your mind not hold you back. I like the band Slipknot. A lot, but I'm pretty sure I found a subliminal message in psycho-social. In the chorus "And the rain will kill us all, we throw ourselves against the wall." What if you put a t in front of train. A train will hit us all. So think of that as an action that a group of martyrs would commit for there cause. So then the next two line's are "And no one else can see, the preservation of the martyr in me." So now it mentions them being martyrs, and that no one will see them coming. So then I was listening to the entire song and realized that the chorus was the action and the verse the reason why.Two other parts of that song stood out to me. One is "I'm done, it has begun. I'm not the only one." which pretty much says there fed up and will rebel, also that there not alone. Also the line "The limits of the dead" which is screamed several times. It could mean the dead can't do anything for us now, stop listening to them. Tell me your opinions.

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