Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gift Cards, Refrigerator's and American Made Cars

      Remember when America wasn't a colossal black hold filled with whimpers and bitches about the economy, jobs, TV show's and Horoscopes? Remember when Christmas was about family and not about money and Halloween was about candy and pranks not Charlie fucking Brown? Yeah those were the good old days. Now were stuck in an endless typhoon of political backlash from our uncharted failures and Southerners running over there girlfriends fuck buddy with his 650 Horse Power monster truck's. So this is America now? How come people always used to talk about how thing's were so much better a few years ago then they are now? Like, people like older music, movies, guitars and a bunch of that shit. Do you think they complained about things sucking back in our perpetual vision of the golden days?

    Gift cards...what the fuck are they? You walk into a store, you hand them like $20 dollars or whichever amount you think is cool, and you walk out with...a card. And if you read the back of a card it says something to the effect of no cash value or like this is worth 1/10th of a penny. So you just paid $20 for a card that's worth next to nothing. But you don't keep it, you give it to people as gifts, because that's the socially acceptable way of not giving a shit about someone if you think about it. Like if you have a boss, a friend that you don't really care about or even family members that you only see once a year. I've gotten gift cards from my uncles and grandparent's ever since they came out. Know why? Because they really don't know me, which is fine because I don't really know them. But they think of me and figure fuck it he's really not worth putting effort into, so they just pop into the local Walmart and walk out with something worth 1/10th of a penny. I don't really mind it, I like gift cards, but I think it's kind of fucked up that everyone knows that were all bullshitting each other yet nobody says anything ever. America.

    Now that brings up the "Refrigerator's  and American Made Cars" part of the blog. I didn't mean specifically Refrigerator's  and American Made Cars but I kind of used it as a metaphor for just the general tone of America is that we take pride in our big ass luxury cars, our food and of course, guns. We like that kind of stuff apparently. So what if it makes everyone else fucking hate us, it's not like that could ever cause backlash...yeah...everybody hates us... Literally ever other country thinks of us like we think of that one bratty spoiled overweight annoying cousin that we all have and hate. And know why this country is more fucked then a 8 year old boy at a Christians retreat? Because separated into two dominant political forces, the Democrats and the Republicans. Fuck them both. Look at them now, they've pissed all over each other so much that there now at a stalemate between the two. Nothings getting done. Stupid fucking people.

    I hope, I really do hope everything turns out alright, but we've been raised to believe that bad things don't happen to good people, but from outside the looking glass, we could be the bad guys to the rest of the world. Next blog will be happy, I swear.

Quote of the Day: "How could we be different if we didn't even know. The facts of life upon us, the facts of life that grow..."- Jeff Hardy


  1. I miss the ideals of capitalism. you know, not america

  2. "Remember when America wasn't a colossal black hold filled with whimpers and bitches about the economy, jobs, TV show's and Horoscopes?"

    no, i don't. :(

  3. I hate when somebody gives me a giftcard to somewhere random like chiles. Like why the hell would i want a 50 dollar gift card to chiles.

  4. Well I read all your posts and decided you are interesting enough to actually follow.

  5. Nice, we seem to agree on a lot of things.

  6. I'm amazed on how much perspective you have .. this boy is a genius !