Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peek a boo, Time for jail.

     Perfect day. Longboarding, jamming outside, herb and bro's. Well not a perfect day but better then any of the shit any of us have had going on for a few months. So what's something good and thought provoking to blog about. It'd probably be a lot harder to write these things if anyone actually read them, but I've only gotten like 12 legitimate views, so what the fuck might as well post the most retarded shit I can think of.

    I miss when shit wasn't so industrialized, back when they had coffee shops and family owned businesses. The internet fucked that up right and good now didn't they. When you want to order a pizza or something what do you do? Google it. What are the first things that pop up? The biggest company's around, which is always Domino's, Papa Gino's, etc, so that gives no room for smaller companies to be successful. And I'm not just talking about pizza, I'm talking about anyone that were smart enough to buy ad space when Google first came out, and then became a huge success. Fucking Dane Cook did that, why didn't we learn our goddamn lesson?! There used to be places in the world that didn't need to feed the internet in order to get business. But then again that's all anyone cares about these days. Business. It's pretty pathetic I gotta say. I look at the stock market, and it's just number's and words and computers that don't mean shit. It's like time, Cthulu and Pikachu. It's something fucking make believe. People hold this shit to themselves, hold onto it for dear life, just so they can have something to control. They try too hard to live the American dream. All they care about is value. Fuck them all. Then again I'm writing this for money, so fuck me too. "Guess I'm a coward afraid to face the man I am."

    Who the fuck goes through a brick of cocaine a week? Fucking southerners. Time to make a bagel. Pce <3.
Quote of the Day - "Keep the gun oiled, and the temple cleaned shit snort, and blaspheme, let the heads cool, and the engine run. Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we've done."

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