Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm not Jesus I will not forgive

    Sparking up a light putting on Grooveshark and starting up a new blog entry. Let's see what comes to mind.

    A while ago I posted a link to a video of Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) giving a speech about Violence and he touched upon the subject of the "God bandaid". The God bandaid is when someone that's wronged the fuck out of someone else in any way, between lying, stealing, raping or murdering or anything that would piss someone off enough for you too hate them, they then "turn to god". They claim to change and maybe they do. Then all the Christians and Catholics and Muslims and pretty much all religions, they say, oh well it's alright that they lied or stole or raped or murdered. It's alright because god is good right? So we should forgive them. Then everyone forgives them for what they've done and everything's better. Because that's a socially acceptable get out of jail card for anyone. I turned to god. That is all anyone will need to get massive amounts of support from a certain group. It's really that easy.

    This tactic has been plaguing human history for as long as religion has been around. It's the easy way out in my opinion. The universe has a way of circling itself around and the things you avoided the first time around will catch you when it comes full circle again. It's called karma by some people but I call it life. Changing gears, what if you had a son or a daughter and some scumbag killed or raped them, and they got like 10 years in jail for it, because that's all these people get these days, because the system is so flawed. But let's say 5 years in they decide there sorry and they turn to god. They talk to a preacher and then the preacher is convinced there changed, because that's there job, to forgive. Maybe they have parole in a couple years. Assuming the said priest is at that meeting and tells everyone it's okay to let this piece of shit out. Also assuming at least one if not all of the parole board is Christian, they'll most likely say, sure you can go out on parole because your changed. What the fuck would go through your mind.

    Would you forgive them? They have the God bandaid so everyone else does, but do you? Is it a crime if a person who rapes your child or kills them or anything like that too be walking the streets at all? I think it is. "But he's turned to God!" Turning to God or being part of the club they call Christianity doesn't allow the right to not pay for what you've done no matter what religion they are from. What would you do bloggers? Would you forgive, or would you get revenge? There's been tons of stories of people getting sent to jail for assaulting or killing a rapist or murderer. Do you think that's fair?

    People are the uncertain option in the game plan of the God card.

    Quote of the Day - "I'm not Jesus, I will not forgive." - Corey Taylor

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Woah shit I...forgot...

    Wow I haven't posted since February. What the fuck's been up bloggers? Life's been getting better with the weather. My day's are filled with herb among other things. Jamming and longboarding. Chilling with my friends. It's really what summer is about. My band is really coming together. For the first time it's molding into something perfect. The intensity inside of me is something I can physically feel. I really do love music more then anything in this world. My band's been together for like 8 months and it's had it's decent high's, consisting of just the ability to write and jam good. It's also had it's lows of us not talking or jamming for weeks. But this will be our highest of highs. Just the conjoined talent and emotion that this band feels is enough for it to affect everything in my life in a positive fashion. Call me a fucking hippy and I'll agree. Apparently the word hippy isn't in the Firefox dictionary. Fuck you Firefox. Fuck. You.

    I wish I could have been out and about tonight to enjoy the beautiful weather but I'm stuck at my dad's. I hate going here on the weekends because that's when the most interesting shit happens in my hometown and I feel left out sitting here blogging and smoking a cigarette. I didn't quite quit those yet. Then again I didn't really try. I should really try. Then again I have a friend that went a week or something without a cigarette, and I had to physically stop the fucker from smoking. And I succeeded until last night the bastard...he smoked a fucking cigarette. Son of a bitch. But apparently it made him quit or something I don't fucking know. I don't think I'm addicted to nicotine. Definitely not. More of the rush of the cigarette. But it's still bad for me and make's me out of breath while longboarding, so fuck them.

    I've been listening to Killswitch Engage a lot. Call them mainstream or generic as much as you want. There fucking incredible. My play list has been filled with Killswitch, Vanna, MGMT, Choking Victim, Minor Threat and Chili Peppers. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    People complain a lot. Like a LOT. There's this kid that my group of clams have been hanging out with that only complains. Then when we fuck with him he get's really pissed and I'm pretty sure we got him too cry. I'd feel bad for him but he back talks every fucking thing we say, makes himself out to be the most intelligent fuck on planet I'm fucking better then you. First of all you shouldn't have that kind of attitude. Second of all, if I was hanging with a bunch of kids like 4 years older then me and they kept pissing me off I'd probably stop hanging out with them. But he's a cool kid if he's not being a know it all. And before the "you complain a lot too you know", fuck you. This is my blog. I could write the entire thing on why everyone in the world sucks except me if I wanted to. Then again I do understand that I'm kind of a dick and a lot of the things I say could get on people's nerves. So I guess if you wanna rage, that's my invite.

    I would love to live like those guys on Jackass. They do the most fucked up shit, and not only is it not frowned upon but they get paid for it. I'm sure it takes it's toll on your body but I would love to do it.

    I'll blog more in the future.

    Quote of the Day (actually a lyric) - I think you saw me confronting my fear, it Went up with a bottle and went down with the beer and I think you ought to stay away from here There are ghosts in the walls and they Crawl in your head through your ear. -Such Small Hands - La Dispute