Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got hit by a car

    Alright so today I was meeting a friend of mine at a rite aid and to get to it I had to cross a busy ass road. So I was holding my longboard with one arm, and walking across the street when the light turned green. I figured nobody is too much of a cunt where they would keep going and I was already half way across the street anyway so I started jogging. Then this fucking pissant talking on there phone decided it might be a good idea to keep going. So they went from like 0 to 30 in about two seconds and I'm like holy shit there not gonna stop are they. At this point I'm in the lane closest to the fucking island in the middle of the road that separated the cars that go opposite directions. This guy clearly didn't see me so I literally ran and jumped off with my left foot, and I felt the thing hit me and I was just so stunned for a couple of seconds and I seriously thought I was paralyzed. It managed to barely hit me and I walked away from it with a couple scrapes and my left foot is sprained, but I could still walk away from it which I was grateful for. So they kept going for another hundred yards before realizing they almost just killed another human being and hung up on there phone and stopped. Another person in there car that had seen me was like "Where you hit?!" and I was like "Yeah" but I was so stupid and I limped away like a complete idiot. I should have stayed. I wouldn't have sued them because I'm not an asshole, but I literally had the worst panic attack of my life. I was in a daze and everything was numb and it just sucked. I called, got a ride and now I'm home but seriously I was fucking freaking out. I'm probably gonna have to go to the hospital tonight because my ankles been getting more painful the more I just let it sit. But if that fucking thing had ran over my entire foot instead of barely clipping it I'd definitely be paralyzed, or at least need a year of physical therapy. Fuck that sucked. It was scary and I felt like I was going to puke. Don't think that your invincible because there's always a chance that some cunt in a Lexus will run you over.  


  1. Damn, that sucks, good to know you're OK. Should have stayed and gotten the drivers information in case there does turn out to be serious damage.

  2. Yeah I have to agree, even if you feel alright get the info anyways. I got knocked off my moped and didn't realize until 2 days later that I'd cracked a bunch of ribs....